Bushnell Pro X2 Golf Laser Rangefinder

$549.99 $461.98

The Bushnell Golfer’s Range-Finder: Owned and tested for 2 months prior to review.


One of first things we noticed about the ProX2, is the effort involved in trying to stabilize it when shooting at a target; when your nerves are fired up from the excitement of beginning the round, it’s somewhat of a challenge. Quickly we’ve found that when in the golf cart, resting the range finder on the Plexiglas window, you find improved accuracy. For the price, we would think this would be a built in feature that other, more inexpensive range finders offer.

The ProX2 has a feature (B button on the side) that allows you to toggle between black and red font inside the scope. During the day, the red is almost transparent and difficult to read unless you darken the font; this can deplete battery life quicker, so be wary.  Black font is the way to go during the day; perhaps you can opt for the red font once the sun is setting.

The slope feature is very helpful. We can obviously always guess what the hole might be playing given the increase or decrease in hole elevation from the tee box, yet, with this feature it takes the guessing part out of the equation. Owning this piece of technology for a couple months, we’re very satisfied; only time will tell if the opinion will degrade or improve based on durability and other factors which can only be discovered over time.


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